Friday, 16 September 2011

Welcome to the first ever Blossoms blog reveal!

Im so appreciative of everyones comments and support of the new blog *mwah* thanks so much!

Im very excited about the new goodies and have been working very hard to get them all ready for tonight, I hope you all like them! All that arent sold out on the blog will be listed in the shop at Wicked Princesses. If you have an order at Wicked Princesses and would like to add a blog order to it please let me know when you email me your blog order :)

To place an order please email me at and list which items you would like to purchase, I will reply to let you know what is available and also to let you know which postage category your order fits into (starting at $1.20 but capped at $4.65).

Some items are made from upcycled materials and therefore will be limited in numbers others I can supply lots of so please be advised some items may sell out faster than others :)

Payment for orders can be made via bank deposit which you will be sent the details for in your invoice email, please use your name as a reference when doing transfers.

Okies now for the fun stuff!!!

Roses packs are $5.95 (large as shown) or small $3.95 per pack of 3 in the following colours:

Pack #1:  SOLD OUT

 Pack #2 SOLD OUT


 Violet tutti fruiti's : $4.50 per pack of 3 flowers

 Violet Mistra's: $4.50

 Mistras: Daisys small: $3.50

 Felties daisies: Large: $4.50 or Small $3.50 SOLD OUT

 Mistras: large daisies: $4.50

 Flutters: $2.50 per pack of 3

Cog packs : $2.95 each in the following styles

Dark brown:
 Brown corduroy:
 Small cogs:
Wordy cogs

Small noughts : $2.50 -SOLD OUT
Large noughts $2.50-SOLD OUT

 Toppers come in packs of 3 and are $2.75 per pack

Bot toppers: images vary per pack

Spot toppers: assorted colours per pack
Star wordy toppers:
Pointer toppers:
All star toppers:

Pinwheels: These come in packs of 3 and are $4.50 each SOLD OUT

Large bright pinwheels: (also available in small for $3.50) SOLD OUT

Small blue and red pinwheels $3.50

Large textures pinwheels: $4.50 each pack of 3

Pink pinwheels Large : $4.50 and small $3.50 sold in packs of 3
 (photographed small and large to show size difference)

MVB clay creations: wonky stars $3.95

Mini ice-creams $3.50

Morgans choice-flutter poppies $4.50 per pack of 4 -SOLD OUT

 Sunshine flutters: $4.50
 Spring flutters: $4.50

 T& T packs : 80cm of each trim and 1 metre of each of the twine colours $4.95 each

I hope you like all the new goodies!

All orders need to be sent to

Happy shopping and thanks so much for visiting,supporting and shopping  *mwah*

Krissy xx


  1. Gorgeous new MVB's Krissy, I LOVE the roses and the daisies and those pinwheels are adorable! Good Luck with the sale, I am sure everything will sell out!

  2. Oh I'm loving your new MVBs Krissy - so very cool and fun and funky :) But of course I had to have all of the roses (my first MVB love).

  3. this is beautiful good luck with the sale!


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