Friday, 30 September 2011

MY Vintage Blossoms kits!

I am so excited about these! Ive had a great time designing them and putting them all together :D

These kits are a great way for new fans to have a little try of some of my range and for MVB fans to have first peek at some of the new MVB's in the next release ;-)

without further ado here are the kits.........

Octobers girl kit includes: 3 x MVB trim in assorted sizes,4 x MVB doileys,2 x MVB pinwheels,2 x lace,3 x MVB toppers,1 x MVB button,1 x MVB mini ice cream,4 x MVB flowers and all for $22.50


October Fundamentals kit: 3 x MVB trim,(assorted sizes and colours) 1 x twine,1 x tape measure trim,4 x MVB doileys,3 x MVB toppers,1 x poppie,6 x MVB cogs,3 x noughts,2 x MVB pinwheels all this for $22.50!

Octobers Mistras kit: 2 x twine,1 x tape measure trim,1 x MVb vintage doiley trim,1 x MVBviolet,2 x MVB mistra daisies,1 x MVB wordy cog,3 x MVB toppers,3 x MVB doileys,2 x MVB pinwheels,1 x MVB flutter and all for just $19.95!SOLD OUT

 Octobers rainbow kit includes: 3 x MVB toppers,2 x MVB pinwheels,4 x noughts,1 x MVB fluffie,4 x MVB trim (assorted sizes and colours), 2 x twine,4 x MVB doileys all for $19.95!

To order these kits you will need to email me at and please put "MVB kits order" in the subject line. I will then let you know if the kit you are looking to order is still available and advise you of payment details.

Postage for these kits will be $4.65 each

These kits are in limited numbers so you may need to be quick ;-)

Hope you all like them!

Do you spy some new goodies?   If you like what you see you will LOVE the next release!

Thanks for stopping by and blossomy huggles to you all!

Krissy xx

Have you sent in your DT application yet?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

MVB kit sneaks!

Hiya everyone!

Im mega excited about these kits! If you are a fan of MVB's in all forms (flowers,trims toppers,doileys etc) then I know you will LOVE these! If you are a new fan and want to have a little taste of whats on offer in the MVB range then look no further-these kits have a fab selection from almost all my handmade ranges so you will get a little taster of everything so you will know what you may want to buy a full pack of either at Wicked Princesses or here during the next blog release :)

If you look very closely at the sneaks you will also see some brand spankin new goodies that will be available in full packs in the next release ;-)

These kits are limited in numbers so you may have to be quick! Postage for these will be $4.65 :)

So heres the sneaky to keep you all going until I reveal them here on Friday night during the Wicked Princesses cybercrop at 7:30pm QLD time :D

what do you think?

Will you be here on Friday night at 7:30pm to put your order in?

Hope you all like them  and thanks for stopping by!

Krissy xx

P.S if you are new dont forget to follow the blog so you will be in with a chance in our monthly followers draw :) Leah has won herself this bundle of yumminess

Saturday, 24 September 2011

MVB's in action

I have had a little play with some of the new MVB release items combined with some kits from Wicked Princesses and here is the result......I loved using the new MVB's!

I combined the "togetherness" kit with some MVB flutter, an MVB large rose,Violet mistra,small daisy mistra and a burlap nought (coming soon ;-) )

I used the "toybox" kit for this layout of my brother waaaaaaaay back in the day when he was little and added an MVB denim cog,pointer top (so fab for bringing attention to something!) and a small brown cog :D

Our lucky follower winner is Leah A!! Well done Leah!! Just for being a follower you have won an MVB sampler pack! PLease contact me :)

The next MVB release will be Friday the 14th of October

Coming next week MVB embellie kits!! Brand new stock and a mix of the old favourites :)

Please feel free to tell your friends about the Blossoms blog and dont forget to try out for the Blossoms Dt!!

All applications due the 30th of October :)

Thanks so very much to everyone who shopped during the release, I hope you all like your new MVB's!

Wicked Princesses are getting involved in the great cause the "Girls night in" and will be donating 15% of all kit sales during October to the charity as well as lots of other great fundraising stuff so if you would like to join in please stop by on the forum and have a lookie :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Krissy xx

Friday, 16 September 2011

Welcome to the first ever Blossoms blog reveal!

Im so appreciative of everyones comments and support of the new blog *mwah* thanks so much!

Im very excited about the new goodies and have been working very hard to get them all ready for tonight, I hope you all like them! All that arent sold out on the blog will be listed in the shop at Wicked Princesses. If you have an order at Wicked Princesses and would like to add a blog order to it please let me know when you email me your blog order :)

To place an order please email me at and list which items you would like to purchase, I will reply to let you know what is available and also to let you know which postage category your order fits into (starting at $1.20 but capped at $4.65).

Some items are made from upcycled materials and therefore will be limited in numbers others I can supply lots of so please be advised some items may sell out faster than others :)

Payment for orders can be made via bank deposit which you will be sent the details for in your invoice email, please use your name as a reference when doing transfers.

Okies now for the fun stuff!!!

Roses packs are $5.95 (large as shown) or small $3.95 per pack of 3 in the following colours:

Pack #1:  SOLD OUT

 Pack #2 SOLD OUT


 Violet tutti fruiti's : $4.50 per pack of 3 flowers

 Violet Mistra's: $4.50

 Mistras: Daisys small: $3.50

 Felties daisies: Large: $4.50 or Small $3.50 SOLD OUT

 Mistras: large daisies: $4.50

 Flutters: $2.50 per pack of 3

Cog packs : $2.95 each in the following styles

Dark brown:
 Brown corduroy:
 Small cogs:
Wordy cogs

Small noughts : $2.50 -SOLD OUT
Large noughts $2.50-SOLD OUT

 Toppers come in packs of 3 and are $2.75 per pack

Bot toppers: images vary per pack

Spot toppers: assorted colours per pack
Star wordy toppers:
Pointer toppers:
All star toppers:

Pinwheels: These come in packs of 3 and are $4.50 each SOLD OUT

Large bright pinwheels: (also available in small for $3.50) SOLD OUT

Small blue and red pinwheels $3.50

Large textures pinwheels: $4.50 each pack of 3

Pink pinwheels Large : $4.50 and small $3.50 sold in packs of 3
 (photographed small and large to show size difference)

MVB clay creations: wonky stars $3.95

Mini ice-creams $3.50

Morgans choice-flutter poppies $4.50 per pack of 4 -SOLD OUT

 Sunshine flutters: $4.50
 Spring flutters: $4.50

 T& T packs : 80cm of each trim and 1 metre of each of the twine colours $4.95 each

I hope you like all the new goodies!

All orders need to be sent to

Happy shopping and thanks so much for visiting,supporting and shopping  *mwah*

Krissy xx

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The last sneak......

This is the last sneak before the big reveal sale tomorrow night at 7:00pm! Im SO excited!!

See you tomorrow night!

Krissy xx

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ooooooh lala.....

I do so love things I can mist and these new Mistra's are no exception can mist them,ink them or paint them to make them a unique embellie........

More tomorrow too :D

Krissy xx

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Something for the boys......

MVB toppers are my new fave boy embellie and these are so cute I couldnt resist keeping some for me ;-)

what do you think? You likey?

Krissy xx

More sneaks tomorrow :D

Monday, 12 September 2011

MVB Roses-new colours

I thought it was fitting that I do My Vintage Blossoms roses as the first sneak seeing that it was this time 3 years ago that I started selling my handmade roses :D I have to admit they are still my favourite MVB flowers even after all the hundreds Ive made and used. These are the gorgeous new colours that Ive made and they will be available in large and small in packs of 3............

Happy MVB 3 year anniversary Blossom fans :D

Hope you all like them!

More sneaks tomorrow........

Krissy xx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Who wants to see some sneaks?

Starting tomorrow you will get to see some sneak peeks of some of the goodies that will be for sale on friday :D

Who is excited?

Dont forget to follow the blog to be in the running to win a sampler pack too :D

massive thanks to all who are following and have accepted the event invitation on facebook *mwah* you are all fabulous!

Krissy xx

Friday, 9 September 2011

Follow to be in with a chance to win a FREE MVB sampler pack!

Are you excited about the DT call and the new releases next friday?

Make sure you follow the blog so you are up to date with all the latest MVB happenings :D

Im SO excited about it all that Im offering up a sampler pack of MVBs that will be drawn next friday the 16th of September from the followers list so make sure you are following to be in with a chance to win!! Make sure you tell your friends too :D

Have a fab day and thanks for supporting my new blog *mwah*

Krissy xx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Would you like to be a Blossoms Princess?

Do you love MVB's?

Are they your favourite embellishments to use?

Would you like to be a part of a new team inspiring others and showcasing handmade embellishments?

Then this is the DT call for you!!

Applications are open now all you need to do is the following:

- Your role as a Blossoms Princess will be to inspire and show everyone how fab My Vintage Blossoms are so show me how you use them by sending me an email with photos of 3 or more creations using items from the My Vintage Blossoms range- these can be scrapbooking layouts,cards,OTP's hair accessories clothing anything showing MVB's :)

- Let me get to know you a bit by adding a blurb about yourself,family,scrapping style and why you think you would make a great Blossoms Princess :)

-Do you have a blog? Whats your blog address?

-Are you on facebook?

-Have you been on a Design team before? If yes where?

-Like the My Vintage Blossoms facebook page and follow this blog.

DT requirements:

2 x monthly challenge examples
Sharing your love of MVB's on FB and personal blogs
Sharing MVB announcements/ sales etc on your personal FB and blog

In return you will receive a sampler pack of MVB's each month to use on your challenge examples each month and a 15% discount voucher on all MVB's.

All applications are due to me by midnight the 15th of October and successful DT will be announced on the 30th of October 2011.

Good luck to everyone that applies and I cant wait to see what you all come up with :)

Krissy xx