Friday, 30 September 2011

MY Vintage Blossoms kits!

I am so excited about these! Ive had a great time designing them and putting them all together :D

These kits are a great way for new fans to have a little try of some of my range and for MVB fans to have first peek at some of the new MVB's in the next release ;-)

without further ado here are the kits.........

Octobers girl kit includes: 3 x MVB trim in assorted sizes,4 x MVB doileys,2 x MVB pinwheels,2 x lace,3 x MVB toppers,1 x MVB button,1 x MVB mini ice cream,4 x MVB flowers and all for $22.50


October Fundamentals kit: 3 x MVB trim,(assorted sizes and colours) 1 x twine,1 x tape measure trim,4 x MVB doileys,3 x MVB toppers,1 x poppie,6 x MVB cogs,3 x noughts,2 x MVB pinwheels all this for $22.50!

Octobers Mistras kit: 2 x twine,1 x tape measure trim,1 x MVb vintage doiley trim,1 x MVBviolet,2 x MVB mistra daisies,1 x MVB wordy cog,3 x MVB toppers,3 x MVB doileys,2 x MVB pinwheels,1 x MVB flutter and all for just $19.95!SOLD OUT

 Octobers rainbow kit includes: 3 x MVB toppers,2 x MVB pinwheels,4 x noughts,1 x MVB fluffie,4 x MVB trim (assorted sizes and colours), 2 x twine,4 x MVB doileys all for $19.95!

To order these kits you will need to email me at and please put "MVB kits order" in the subject line. I will then let you know if the kit you are looking to order is still available and advise you of payment details.

Postage for these kits will be $4.65 each

These kits are in limited numbers so you may need to be quick ;-)

Hope you all like them!

Do you spy some new goodies?   If you like what you see you will LOVE the next release!

Thanks for stopping by and blossomy huggles to you all!

Krissy xx

Have you sent in your DT application yet?

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