Monday, 12 September 2011

MVB Roses-new colours

I thought it was fitting that I do My Vintage Blossoms roses as the first sneak seeing that it was this time 3 years ago that I started selling my handmade roses :D I have to admit they are still my favourite MVB flowers even after all the hundreds Ive made and used. These are the gorgeous new colours that Ive made and they will be available in large and small in packs of 3............

Happy MVB 3 year anniversary Blossom fans :D

Hope you all like them!

More sneaks tomorrow........

Krissy xx


  1. Gorgeous colours, Krissy. I do love your roses. xoxo

  2. Very pretty Krissy! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Wow is it really three years since I bought my first MVB? I your first customer lol? Love the new colours :)


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